Recently I have been doing a lot of work tweaking the color pallet for Aurum Kings, and I figured that I would share a couple resources that I have found useful.

The first one is a pretty well known tool, but very versatile. The Adobe Color CC has a whole section of complete color pallets, searchable by things like “winter”, “happy”, etc. This has been pretty useful for me when I look for a biome for a map, like a desert  of sorts. There is also part of the site that allows you to use a color wheel to make your own color pallets.

Next is Valve’s Dota 2 character art and design principles.  This is a page that goes into detail about a ton of stuff from color schemes to silhouettes. It is also just neat to see the design docs that Valve used for Dota.

And of course, there is Paletton. I normally prefer the Adobe color picker, but this is great because it gives you previews for different color blind effects as well. It also has some alright templates to view the different colors in.

Alright, hopefully one of these tools was something you haven’t seen before and can help you out!