Random Distribution Demo

Random Distribution Demo on GitHub

random demo screen capThis is a school project that I did a lot more than I had to do. The main goal of this project is to show my understanding of using different random distributions in code.

I used Perlin noise to generate the terrain, and I can change it to whatever kind of shape I want just in the editor. For the dinosaurs, I used a non-uniform distribution to make it so that there are more towards the front, and less in the back. The leaders(little animated guys standing on two legs) are scaled in the Y axis using a Gaussian distribution. The walk pattern that they have is also randomized to the left and right a little bit. The trees and rocks are just randomly generated within the bounds of the terrain itself. There is a problem with that which I have not fixed yet, which is that they spawn inside of the rocks and other things too.

What made me go above and beyond on this project, was that I turned it into a small game. I added a first person controller from Unity, and gave the player a basic shoot/reload sequence.

For the shooting I used ray casts. Each dinosaur has 3 hit points, and on the third hit they are destroyed. To play the animation of the small explosion going off, I used the RaycastHit variable’s point property to make a new explosion wherever the raycast hit.

I also did more than I had to when it came to aesthetics. I added in rocks around the border of  the terrain. Because the terrain is generated randomly, and the Z value will always be different, I had to make a small script so that every time the game starts, the transforms of anything with that script on it will be set to the terrains Z value at the X and Y coordinates of that object.

All assets that I imported or used in any way for this project are listed in the documentation file for it on GitHub.