Professional Experience

Junior Developer Co-Op with Workinman Interactive


(Summer of 2017) During my time at Workinman I guided underneath senior developers, designers, and artists and working on a team creating a web based game throughout production. Some of the features that I implemented include a questing system,  inventory system, and narrative content. This experience exposed me to the full game development pipeline in a challenging and fast paced team environment.  (The project that I worked on was recently published by Nickelodeon! You can play it here!)


Data Visualization Co-Op with RIT

(C#, Unity, Elasticsearch)

(Spring semester 2017) This co-op was for a couple professors at RIT. I was working under Bill Stackpole (Computer Security) and David Schwartz (Interactive Games and Media) creating a visualization of network traffic. Using tools like Bro, Snort, and Elasticsearch,  I was able to send data in JSON format to the Unity game engine and make interesting visualizations. The project was very open ended, and gave me a lot of independence about how I wanted to go about it. Right now my setup is using Bro and Packetbeat to show the active devices on the network, and the netflow data going between them.