Lumineer – 48 Hour Challenge

This is a short game that I made for a 48 hour challenge that I did. I learned a lot and had a LOAD of fun. Every asset was something that I made myself, no imported asset packages at all. This is something that really challenged me because I am not necessarily the best at modeling or making textures.

Most of the stuff that I learned was from looking back at this project and getting feedback on it, which is something that I understand and that I appreciate. This is obviously not what I would consider to be a ‘complete’ project, but it was a 48 hour deadline so this is what I got.

Someone once told me, “The first 10 games you make are gonna suck, so get through them quick”. That is definitely something that I am working towards in my free time! I love prototyping random ideas in the middle of the week and then throwing them away after I realize why they wouldn’t work. Iteration and practice is clearly the fastest and best way to learning about the rights and wrongs of both the design and development of a game.

What went right?

  1. The eyes
    1. They are a staple to the astetic of this game, and I love the movement and randomized blinking.
  2. The flashlight texture is something that I think looks really cool, and the batteries
  3. Particle effects
    1. I think that the particle effects (both the ambient effect, and the explosion at the end) really bring in a minimal ascetic that I like to it. I wish that I did a more toon-like shader for the lighting though.

What went wrong?

  1. The UI
    1. The UI was almost an after thought with this little project, and I really wish that I had done more with it. The way that the dialouge comes up is terrible in retrospect, not to mention that I barely give the user any feedback at all.
  2. The difficulty
    1. The game is SUPER easy, and after one play through there is really no play challenge at all because you know where all the jumps are.
  3. Optimization
    1. Because this was a 48 hour deadline, there are certain things that were not optimized in my code, and there were things that I could’ve implemented to make it a lot better.
  4. Code implementaion
    1. I really could have taken advantage of things like coroutines, interfaces, and abstact classes a lot more in this project. I also used a lot more public variabels then I really needed to, due to the short deadline and the ease of use in the Unity Editor.
  5. The controls
    1. The controls were clunky, and were overall not that fun to play. It was actually pretty easy to get stuck on things that had sharp corners, because the player was a capsule collider, and when they hit a right angle it sometimes got stuck.


That’s not every little detail about what I could’ve done better, but I think that it’s a start. Thank’s for looking!