I have been working with the Unity engine for about three years now, and I am very familiar and comfortable in the engine. My data visualization co-op had me working full-time in the engine for four months to create Ergo Witness utilizing various web and JSON utilities. Along with Ergo Witness, Cubicle is mobile tower defense game made in Unity in my free time over this past summer (2017).

Along with those long term projects, I regularly participate game jams, with my engine of choice being Unity. Here is a list of some of my jam games on Github:

C# and Java

When it comes to programming, I have done most of the projects in C# and Java. Recently I have been using more C#, but I used Java in high school and the two languages are so similar that I consider myself well versed enough to work in both.


Through rigorous RIT courses, I have gained a solid understanding of the C/C++ languages. Along with taking courses in C++, I have used the language extensively in Unreal Engine 4 projects through online Udemy classes and other personal projects.


Haxe is a cross-platform language that I have used to make web and mobile games. This is the language that I worked in over the summer (2017) at Workinman. I really enjoyed learning this language from the ground up, as the language is extremely flexible!

HTML, CSS, and Javascript

My Web Design and Implementation course (IGME 330) covered the basics of web development. Some topics included website design, server side includes, and the CSS box model. During my time in this course I had to do a project of creating a portfolio site from scratch, and also a small interactive experience with Javascript.  Along with the things that I learned in class, I also learned about frameworks like Flask on my own time, and set up this very WordPress site.


As Fundraising Chair for my fraternity, Kappa Delta Rho, Iota Beta Chapter, I have become fluent in the language of social interaction. I now have experience negotiating, such as Residential Life and Event Registration representatives at RIT. As the head of a larger Fundraising, I have also developed skills as a leader and delegator, as well as come to understand the importance of working as a team.

Relevant Courses

Here is a list of relevant courses that I have taken so far over my time at RIT

  • Data Structures and Algorithms I
  • Game Design and Algorithmic Problem Solving I & II
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Math for Graphical Simulation I
  • 2D Animation and Asset Production
  • College Physics I
  • Interactive Media Development
  • Project Based Calculus I
  • Math for Graphical Simulation II
  • 3D Animation and Asset Production

My current cumulative GPA is a 3.38 on a 4.0 scale