I have been working with Unity for about three years now, and I am very familiar and comfortable in the engine. My data visualization co-op had me working full-time in the engine for four months to create Ergo Witness utilizing various web and JSON utilities. Along with Ergo Witness, Aurum Kings is a two to four player couch competitive game that I am releasing on Steam in August of 2018!

C# and Java

At RIT, C# is the core language that is taught to Game Development students for the first two years or the curriculum. This lead to me learning this language inside and out, and giving me all the tools needed to make fun and interesting experiences in Unity! Since C# and Java are so similar, I will mention that I have been using Java since high school, and am also comfortable with that language.


Through rigorous data structure classes at RIT, I have gained a solid understanding of C/C++.  C++ is currently my preferred language, and I love using it as much as I can! Along with taking courses in C++, I have used the language in Unreal Engine 4 projects through online Udemy classes and other personal projects. Furthermore, I love expanding my knowledge about C++ with books and online tutorials.

HTML, CSS, and Javascript

My Web Development course (IGME 330) covered the fundamentals of web development, and ended up being one of my favorite classes that I have taken at RIT. The course covered making interactive experiences with Javascript, interfacing with different web API’s using AJAX calls, as well as Node.js. One of my favorite projects that came from this class is an audio visualizer using canvas, which can be found here.


Haxe is a cross-platform language that I have used to make web and mobile games. This is the language that I worked in over the summer (2017) at Workinman. I had never used the language before my job at Workinman, and the it turns out that it is extremely powerful and easy to use after just a few days.


I am currently the President of the RIT Game Development Club (, where my responsibilities include organizing game jams, hosting weekly meetings, and delegating tasks to the E-Board. The goal of the club is to provide a fun and collaborative environment for students to make and learn about games. One of my favorite things about being a part of this club is watching the students grow and really improve their game development skills over time. 

Relevant Courses

Here is a list of relevant courses that I have taken so far over my time at RIT

  • Data Structures and Algorithms I  & II
  • Game Design and Algorithmic Problem Solving I & II
  • Rich Media Web App Dev I
  • Game Design and Development I & II
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Math for Graphical Simulation I & II
  • 2D Animation and Asset Production
  • College Physics I
  • Interactive Media Development
  • Project Based Calculus I
  • 3D Animation and Asset Production

My current cumulative GPA is a 3.50 on a 4.0 scale