Perlin Noise Terrain Generation

Terrain Gen Demo on GitHub

What this small project does is generate terrain patterns in Unity using 2D Perlin Noise. The script that I wrote for this demo is very reusable, but does have to be put on a terrain object for it to work, or at least something with a Terrain Data component. The main part of this script is the method where I loop through the TerrainData component’s height map, and set each value equal to a Mathf.PerlinNoise value.

Perlin Noise Terrain

The fields for this script are simple:

A private TerrainData object

A public Vector3 value that is used to apply the size of the terrain that you want

A public int so that you can adjust the Terrain heightmap Resolution

2 public float that are limited to a range of between 0.0 and 1.0. I use tha [Range(0,1)] modifier here so that it is a nice slider in the Unity Editor, making it easier on me and others in the future.

Here is what the inspector looks like for this component

Component’s Inspector

This was a class assignment for my IGME 202.04 class(Interactive Media Development), with Professor Erin Casciolli, and I did get a 100% on it.