Ergo Witness Update

Ergo Witness


What’s new?

  1. Much improved visuals and UI/UX.
  2. Options menu to configure your settings on start instead of going into files to do so.
  3. Camera speed control.
  4. Color coding groups based on the options menu configuration.
  5. Audio queues that play when specific protocols appear.
  6. DNS traffic is now represented .
  7. Click on a node to query it against your Logstash server.
  8. Linux, Mac, and Android support.

What’s coming?

  1. VR experience of being able to analyze data in a fun and interactive environment.
  2. Saving your options menu so that you don’t have to re-enter it every time.
  3. Improved audio and 3D models.


Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is happening this weekend, which is pretty exciting. I plan on starting a small personal project from scratch with maybe just a friend or two. Recently I have been enjoying running solo on some random prototyping projects.


In light of all the recent small jams that I have been doing, I decided to make a Patreon account.

Why you ask?

Why not.

I have also put the recent game jam for RIT Game Dev club on, which you can check out here.