Black Hole Game – Spring Break Jam

How did this start?

Over this past spring break of 2017, I set up a small group project for people to do over break. This was part of the club that I am the current Vice President of, RIT Game Development Club. The process started out with a group meeting where we all picked out roles that we would like to fulfill. In the end, most people had preventing circumstances and the project fell on just me and one other person who recorded some audio for the game.

About the game

The basic mechanic of this game is that the player shoots “black holes” at the opposing player. trying to get the other player stuck and lose a life. The black holes merge together when they hit each other, creating large black holes. The larger the hole is, the more attraction force it will have. The orange obstacles are bouncy obstacles that can send players off into unwanted directions, or they might just save them from a couple close calls too.

See this project on GitHub


Author: Ben Hoffman

RIT Game Design and Development student