New Year Update

Over this winter break I have heard back about a Co-Op for this coming Spring semester. It is not 100% set up as of right now, but I have been notified that I will be getting an official offer letter this week. The Co-Op is actually for the Interactive Games and Media and Computer Security departments at RIT. I am tasked with finding a good way to visualize data for pen-testing and other csec(computer security) competitions, like CPTC. I think that this is very exciting not only from a visualization standpoint, but also the challenge of actually collecting and sorting the data that I need in real time for this project. I am super excited to get started with this!!

Other then hearing about that Co-Op, I have been continuing to work with Unity on my Ship Shooter game. Some of the bigger progressive things that I have done on that subject are use Unity Services and set up Google Play achievements. I feel that this project has provided me with valuable experience that I could not get anywhere other then pushing myself to learn it.  You can read more about those updates and things here.

And of course, Steam sales. So. Many. Games. So far I have picked up a couple party games like PHLCollective‘s ClusterPuck99 and Gang Beasts. On the AAA front I have been playing a lot of Titanfall 2 and I am really loving the multiplayer. I really wish that EA didn’t release that game so close to Battlefield 1 because it really is a multiplayer gem, and it’s a shame that more people don’t play it. I have also been putting a little bit of time into Inside and Abzu. So far my winter break has been pretty well rounded.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to get in contact with me just head over to my contact page.

Happy New Year!!

Author: Ben Hoffman

RIT Game Design and Development student