Ship Shooter 1.4

I have made a lot of changes to this game now that I am on winter break from school and finals week is over.

  1. Upgraded to Unity 5.5
  2. Changed the ascetic to a more ‘3D’ look
    1. It is using quads and then point/spot lights to give them some shadows and what not
  3. Particle systems now do not look like terrible cubes.
  4. Took out the Earth Health mechanic.
    1. I really did not like this very much and several people told me that they did not understand it too much, so I just took it out.
  5. Removed the terribly pixelated planets.

What do I plan on doing in the future?

  1. Possibly making actual 3D models for the assets in this, but I am reluctant to do this due to some software licencing stuff.
  2. Add Google Play Services for leaderboards and achievements.
    1. I am having a lot of compatibility issues with this right now, it will come soon I promise!
  3. Check out the new Unity analytics

Author: Ben Hoffman

RIT Game Design and Development student