Ship Shooter Android 1.1

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Whats new:

  • Player can now move across the whole screen
  • Planets scrolling in the background
  • Moved the pause button
  • Added in a score multiplier
  • Added a health bar to tough enemies, and the player

I spent a better part of today just messing around and experimenting with some different aspects of this. The player can now move across the whole screen, so that they have more control over what is happening. This was actually the first piece of feedback that I got. “Why can’t I move across the whole screen?” Well. Now you can because I could not think of a reason not to. It also plays much better now.

The previous pause button was too big and I kept hitting it with my fat thumbs, so I made it smaller and changed the sprite on the button to a home made pause symbol.

I added a score multiplier for the player, that the more often they kill enemies the more points they get. The Multiplier degrades when the player hasn’t killed something within a certain amount of time.

Lastly I added health bars above the “tough” enemies and the player. I did it using a slider and taking bits out of the Unity Tanks Tutorial. I really like the way that they did this in the tutorial, so I decided to do it myself.


What’s coming up:

I would really like to put ads in the game, not to make money, but just to see how to use Google’s API for it. I feel that it is some very valuable experience to have, especially to a mobile games employer.

I also am going to be adding more power ups, and more enemies. Time will tell how much I can squeeze out of this. I really like expanding this game, but I also want to move on to learn different things that Unity has to offer, especially in 3D.

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-Ben Hoffman



Author: Ben Hoffman

RIT Game Design and Development student